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This video shows it is safe.


Is this neutral chemical (HOCL) that is used in a static fogger no longer a neutral chemical because the fogger has given the chemical a negative charge?

Process of adding a charge to the fog.

We know that HOCL is neutral it has no positive or negative charge. So if you used the HOCL in this fogger that adds a static - negative charge, would the HOCL still be neutral?

A popular disinfectant HOCL is an acid PH. But electrically it is not + or - 

HOCL works because it is not repelled by pathogens.  I  put a video  on HOCL page that teaches how to use HOCL fog in hospitals. This is not new.

What is different now is they sell these static foggers now. If the HOCL was used in a static fogger then the area would not be clean 
On the Hypochlorous acid page I have screenshots you can click on, they will either enlarge or take you to the place I got the info, read about tests on 

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