Talaat Pasha's "Young Turks" Official Orders Regarding the Armenian Massacres,  
We advise that you include the woman and children also in the orders which have been previously prescribed as to be applied to the males of the intended persons. Select employees of confidence for these duties. 
 As bad as this is, its a clip from the 1919 movie "Ravished Armenia"What happened to them was similar, but worse.
The film “Ravished Armenia” is actually based on a memoir by Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide who wrote about the atrocities she witnessed. According to Aurora, the film’s depiction of Armenian women being crucified is incorrect. It didn’t happen that way. The Armenian girls were impaled on pointed wooden spikes through their vagina. I repeat: the Armenian women weren’t crucified; they were impaled. The film directors chose to depict this event as crucifixion instead because the impalement of girls through their vagina was considered un-filmable; the truth was much to violent and graphic for cinema, especially for a 1920’s audience
As a result of the Armenian Genocide about 500 000 Armenian children were killed during 1915-1923 (they were burned, poisoned, strangled), some of them died of starvation and various epidemic diseases. The children, who survived the Genocide were left orphaned and were forced to convert to Islam. The Armenian associations, church organizations, foreign relief organizations (American Near East Relief Committee, The Lord Mayor’s Fund of London, Danish Women's Union, The Russian Red Cross, Union of Russian Cities, etc.), as well as international organizations (Red Cross, The League of Nations) were involved in saving the survived Armenian children from impending death and bringing them out of the Ottoman borders.

September 16th, 1915
You have already been advised that the Government, by order of the Djemiet, has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons [Armenians] living in Turkey. Their existence must come to an end, however tragic the means may be; and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, or to conscientious scruples. the American Consuls are obtaining information by some secret means. They remain unconvinced, despite our assurance that the deportations will be accomplished in safety and comfort. 
Be careful that events which attract attention shall not occur in connection with those who are near cities and other centers. In view of our present policy, it is most important that foreigners who are in those parts shall be convinced that the expulsion of the Armenians is, in reality, only deportation. the Government will view the feeding of such children or any effort to prolong their lives as an act completely opposite to its purpose since it regards the survival of these children as detrimental?  


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