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The purpose of this page is so tradesmen can see repairs that worked & Some Temporary solutions. 

Temporary solution

This could be used behind the lens 

step lite railJPG

We removed one screw and water is running of the light fixture on the pool deck. Looking in the planter above you will see the pipes have pulled out of the boxes, allowing water to run into the fixture. These fixtures are 120 volt. we had this lite on. when we got the cover off the bulb was on and under water The water problem, in these wall lights, should be changed to 12v. So you only have 12v going down below the planters' water level. 

OSTWIN LED Outdoor Wall

This is 6x8 so some of the openings in the walls are bigger so you would have to patch. An Idea could be to use a medallion and then use a smaller fixture. Even ceramic tiles. and then put the light on top of it. Some of these ideas are good at other buildings. I have seen similar problems but the hole in the wall is 12"x12" This print on Aluminum could work. these are photos custom so you could take a picture of the wall in a good spot then use the aluminum picture to cover a bad spot.

deck light sunrise.JPG
Rated for Outdoor Waterproof.jpg
12v ac transformer

Transformer by Lightech Max 75 watt 12 volt AC electronic transformer 

Thermal auto reset 125c switch; UL listed


8x10 $ 20 and up to 30x20 $ 50

This is Aluminum with a photo of your choice printed on it.This is a way of covering a bad light opening. You should make it removable some of the LEDs are 12v so you can use a small electronic transformer that turns themselves off if they get a short, then turns on when the short is fixed. "Overcurrent protection." You should also add a ground wire if 110v. To ground the aluminum You can hide it behind the light. Transformers can feed more then one light 75W and 150W small and cheep. my or my not dim. it would be good to put this above the waterline and use the wire going down to the light 12v instead of 120v

I think the lights could compromise the strength of some rails, confirm it is safe if you use the existing rails

LED railing parts.JPG

This is a site that has parts to make the rail

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