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If we don't stop killing everything in a few years the common cold will kill us When do we stop?

This type of mister looks like it would be an accurate way to get the particle size you want. a video shows its size, can be from a garden mister and effective

You could use this and its controller to fog each dinner table after they have left. each time and the employees would be safer if all airborne stuff is gone and all they need do is wipe off any mess. and with HOCL even if it sprayed someone it would be harmless. I read that HOCL fog would treat pinkeye

The spray operating parameters that provide medium size sprayed aerosols (Dv(50) ~ 60-90 μm) are recommended for SAEW spray in animal housing."


Some just use a mister and it looks like a successful way also. "medium" not too big not too small

wall mount 1500psi

BE Professional 1500 PSI (Electric Cold Water) Wall Mount Pressure Washer

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