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Poland imports 0 Muslims. Look at the map of terrorist attacks.

      A Slavacian  said "don't forget about Slovakia"


I remember watching an interview with a young female suicide bomber caught, before she blew-up. She was so kind and sweet, if you didn't know, you would think she would make a good caretaker of your kids. But then they ask her if she would do it again. She was very happy and said, "OH yes I still want to go see Allah."This girl could chop your kid's head off, with a big smile on her face. That's what I see in this interviewer. Trying to make Poland look bad for not letting Muslims in. You have to remember. Mohomed said 

Allah is the best lier. and if you can get the upper hand on an infidel by lying. then you are obligated to lie so as to advance Islam. It's not like they hide these books they read and resite. You can see, just look. Some things I will put on this site. It's hard to imagen how anyone can defend a god that tells you to lie. This Mohamed was a slut. he screwed anyone he wanted to.

And to this day it's the same. It's not like these Muslims didn't have a choice. A very kind man named Jesus. was popular. and had been followed for 600+ years before Mohamed was born. They chose to follow this very sick man "Mohamed". You see a Muslim leader in the 1970s  getting permission from the father of a 4-year-old. He can take her for sex.  Islam is a Plague These leaders are Foul, and what the young boys are taught, be just like that and Allah will love you for it. This is in the 70s. not 1000 years ago


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